How It Works

We provide psychotherapy for individuals, couples, families, and groups. Our clients are male and female, all ages (children 6 – 12, teens, and adults, seniors), and represent many ethnic groups and faith traditions. While we are Christians, we include a faith component in the therapy process only to the extent that the client requests or is open to it.

Presenting problems may include depression, anxiety, abuse, addictions, loss & grief, relationship problems, eating disorders, behavioral problems, stress, or adjustment problems. The focus of the therapy may change over time, as new issues are shared or uncovered.

The counseling process begins by contacting our office and asking for services. The registration process includes completing the registration form and submitting it to your counselor prior to your first appointment. The individual seeking counseling calls the office and provides basic information over the telephone or via fax that includes: name, address, date of birth, social security number, phone number(s), insurance information, availability for appointments, and a brief summary of the issues for which he/she is seeking help. If the client is a minor child, the parent or legal guardian must call.

A parent or legal guardian may contact us to schedule counseling for a minor. Individuals 18 and older must call and request counseling themselves. While we understand that the parent of an adult child or the spouse of someone who is depressed or anxious may want to “get him into therapy”, a successful outcome depends on the individual client’s willingness and motivation to change. In some cases, if the “designated client” is unwilling to receive help, we may recommend that the concerned parent or spouse come in for assistance with coping, boundaries, or other issues related to the situation.

For further information, or to speak to a therapist to schedule an appointment, call:
  Leslie Marler at the Bethesda office 301-466-2050.
  Belita Proctor at the College Park office 301-439-7191.
If you leave a message, please allow 24 hours to return your call.