Leslie Marler

Office Location:
Bethesda, MD
-- Teletherapy Only

Leslie J. Marler, MS, NBCC, LCPC, Pastoral Counselor

MS Pastoral Counseling: Loyola University in Maryland. Internship at Mount Saint Mary’s University Behavioral Health Center.

Professional Teaching Licensure in Early Childhood and Elementary Education: West Virginia University.

Post MS Training Areas: Cognitive-behavioral therapy for depression, anxiety, anger, and addiction. Parenting solutions. Couples Counseling. Communication skill training. Brief solution-focused therapy. Grief counseling. Christian Pastoral Counseling.

BA Berea College, Berea, Kentucky. Art and English areas.

Licenses & Certifications
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Maryland (LCPC)

National Board Certified Counselor (NCC)

Professional Memberships
Member ACA: American Counseling Association, 2003-present

Member IAMFC: International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors

Areas of Practice
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It is my privilege to “come along side” people who seeking relief from emotional discomfort or spiritual distress. Why? Because those of us who have personally been released from depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and grief now have lives characterized by peace and joy. Many of us attribute our healing to the development of a supportive, helping relationship with a skillful counselor. Others of us choose to work with this same professional counselor, knowing that we share a personal experience of the compassion and grace found in a personal relationship with God. The following sections briefly summarize how you may benefit from one or both of these two complimentary areas of healing available from a trained Pastoral Counselor.

Clinical Professional Counseling

Each person who comes to counseling brings a unique profile of strengths and challenges, amazing gifts and distressing habits. Many struggle with distorted thinking that negatively colors their mood, relationships, and decision making. Professional counseling offers tools and styles of therapy that meet each client’s need. Please call 301-466-2050 to discuss your specific need for counseling at this time.

Clients decide to start counseling for many reasons. Some come because of emotional distress or nagging relationship issues that drain happiness from marriages and families. Work related problems can too easily spill over into our home life. College students run into unexpected and painful problems with friends or the demands of their academic work. Some may be seeking guidance with their career paths or coaching related to life decisions. Grief and the loss of dreams come to each of us. Whatever is distressing you, you may find relief through the counseling relationship.

Pastoral Christian Counseling

Leslie Marler chose to train as a Christian pastoral counselor. While she has deep respect for persons from other faith traditions, she does not presume to have expertise to counsel from those perspectives. Christian clients come to Leslie for her training and expertise in both professional clinical counseling and pastoral counseling. They want to incorporate into their professional therapy the wise, compassionate scriptural guidance that is available from a patient, mature Christian counselor. Serenity comes from being reminded that God’s spirit is with us, loving us and guiding us through seasons of distress and seasons of joy. We are never alone, and sometimes we need to be reassured of this fact when our souls are in deep distress. The promises of God are eternal and sure. “Come unto me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28) If you want to know more about how Leslie incorporates spiritual insight into clinical counseling, please call her at 301-466-2050.