Recovery Groups

The 12-step recovery process (like Alcoholics Anonymous) is grounded in Christian principles such as surrender, humility, confession, sanctification, forgiveness, prayer, worship, compassion, and witnessing. The steps have been tested by time and trial and are a pragmatic working system that mirrors Biblical principles. Experience has taught us that 12-step recovery groups are effective in helping many couples and families in their healing and many counselors encourage participation as a supplement to therapy. We support recovery groups as part of the therapeutic process as needed.

Additional 12-step Groups

There are other organizations that sponsor Christian 12-step groups and many excellent secular groups.   Because the 12 steps are fundamentally spiritual, you may find yourself equally comfortable in a “regular” group.  We encourage people to try several groups and find the one(s) that are the best fit.  The following sites provide group listings.

Christian Recovery Groups:
Adventist Regeneration Ministries
Alcoholics Victorious
Celebrate Recovery
Christians in Recovery
Overcomers Outreach
National Association for Christian Recovery
Sexual Addiction and Co-Sexual Addiction
Additional Groups:
Adult Children of Alcoholics
Al-anon and Alateen
Alcoholics Anonymous
Codependents Anonymous
Co-Sex addicts
Gamblers Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous
Overeaters Anonymous
Sexaholics Anonymous

Support Groups