We are two individual private practitioners who are sole proprietors of our own individual practice.  We each provide mental health counseling services to individuals, couples, family, teens and children in the Washington DC metro area. Our mission is to provide professional mental health counseling, education and support to promote healing of mind, body and spirit to anyone who seeks our help. We as therapists can help you address a wide range of mental health concerns such as marital problems, depression, family issues, anxiety, relationships, anger, and abuse.

While all of the counselors are Christian, we serve clients of all faiths and those of non-faith. We are not affiliated with any specific church or denomination. Services are provided by two licensed therapists. All counselors have a minimum of a master’s degree and are licensed clinical professional counselors. All counselors are licensed to practice in the state of Maryland and are Nationally Certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors. All counselors are engaged in continuing education to stay up to date with information in the field of counseling and regularly participate in supervision as needed.

Our main office is located in Silver Spring, MD with an additional location in Bethesda, MD.  Both offices are accessible via public transportation and are handicap accessible.

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1620 Elton Road, Suite 206
Silver Spring, MD 20903
Phone: 301-439-7191
Fax: 301-439-1169

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