Couples Counseling

Some of our clients come to us for marital counseling. While other issues (e.g., addiction, anger, depression) may surface during the therapy process, the strain on the relationship is often what leads the couple to seek help. We provide marriage and pre-marital counseling.

Family counseling or parenting education may be appropriate if your family is experiencing difficulties with communication and/or relationships or confronting a specific challenge. In family counseling, family members meet together with a therapist to promote better relationships and understanding within the family. Family therapy may be appropriate when:

  • a couple is divorcing and wants to help the children cope
  • a couple is marrying and creating a blended family
  • one family member has specific needs (e.g., mental or physical illness or disability) that affect the family system
  • one family member is addicted and an intervention is needed.

If you are not certain what type of therapy is appropriate for you, feel free to call our office and discuss your needs.